It is interesting how great minds think a like my wife and her friend were just having a conversation and her friend turned around and wanted to show a photo. However, after trawling through her phone for several mins she could not find that picture. I had the exact same dilemma a few years ago, and at that point I said

“Wouldn’t it all be easier if you could find your photos by date? ”

The same question came back to my mind HOW would I remember the date? It’s all about visually organising your pictures. If you have thumb nails you can view section by section month at a time, it’s easier to identify and breakdown information when it’s visible in a structure we understand. Instead of trying to trawl through hundreds of pictures on your camera roll. Visually searching for pictures based using a calendar structure, for example searching by month is a quicker option.

Pixoomer allows you to do upload and organise the continuous photos in your camera roll and be able to share your pictures in a private space with friends and family without the dreaded adverts. Another thing we tend to do is send all our pictures via WhatsApp, thinking we will be able to find it again easily and then spend the same amount of time just trying to find that one photo. It becomes a constant vicious circle and half the time we find it difficult to break our habits, so who do we blame the App or the process?

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