I’m sure a lot of you would agree when I say “when you manage your household bills, they can be a pain”? After sending out a Survey to a group of the 30 people at least 90% of them were feeling the pain! Every year me and my wife spend a good day going through all our paperwork normally stored in folders. Most of which include bills, appointments, bank statements, company tax letters, self-assessments and those numerous Wallis online shopping statements, someone’s been busy!

Not only are we destroying the rain forest with all this paper, the pinch point comes when you are trying to find documents it can be time consuming. When I ask my wife for a bank statement, she generally points me in the direction of a folder and says “it’s in there somewhere”? I can guarantee when you are trying to find what you need it is a tedious job and most definitely will not be in date order!

It almost seems like our workplace seems to be more organised than our home life, most of you might argue there are systems in place and filing cabinets that help. So why do the majority of us have difficulties or try and use multiple platforms to manage paperwork.

So, the question is how do we organise ourselves better in the household?